Soggy Dollar
Dark Rum

750ML | 40% ABV


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A handcrafted custom blend of select regional aged rums from across the Caribbean; triple distilled from cane sugar molasses and aged in American old oak casks. The result is a unique character with exceptional taste and smoothness.

A deep Golden colour. Aromas of light dried fruit, caramelised vanilla with hints of sherry cask. A soft and smooth finish with a touch of vanilla and oak on the taste.

Soggy Dollar
Island Spiced

750ML | 35% ABV



A smooth handcrafted rum-infused specialty spirit blended with our secret recipe of native island spices. A cocktail with our Island Spiced will transport you to this Virgin Islands paradise... or simply sip and savor over ice.

The complex taste of spices with underlying notes of citrus and tropical fruits with hints of pineapple, orange bitters and nutmeg on the finish.

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